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As camps turn over, it is increasingly important to make sure that new homeowners are aware of their role in keeping their lake clean and healthy for generations to come. “Death by a thousand cuts” is the term used to describe the decline of lake water quality and the growth of algal blooms. Those thousand cuts come from the many small sources on each developed property, which together add up to a big problem for water quality.

Every lakeshore homeowner has a responsibility to do their part to reduce erosion from their property, maintain their septic, and follow the Shoreland Zoning rules, not just for their own enjoyment and to maintain their property value, but for their neighbors and friends and for lots of people they don’t know who use their lake throughout the year. This resource page is an ever-growing source of information designed to help real estate professionals, and others who work with new homeowners, assist in getting them the tools they need to keep their lake clean and healthy. If you come across any additional resources that would be good for this page, or if you find errors with links, please email

Maine Lake Resources Map

This page shows the locations of lake associations that are current Maine Lakes members, as well as Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the larger lake and watershed organizations across the state. Click here to view the map.


The Lake Book

THE LAKE BOOK is a primer on lakes, lake ecology, lake wildlife, human impacts, and actions you can take will be a great resource for anyone who lives on or uses lakes in Maine. If you would like to sponsor a print run of the Lake Book or if you would like an electronic version emailed to you, please email

To buy individual copies of The Lake Book, click here.

Resources for Real Estate Professionals and Homeowners

This handout lists the state-wide organizations in Maine, helpful data sources for information about Maine’s lakes, larger regional organizations and the areas they serve, as well as links to state government agencies and resources related to lakes. Click here for a printable version of the handout.


Lake Living

Caring For Your Septic System: A four page handout with information for homeowners on how septic systems works, maintenance issues, sources for additional information, and information about EPAs “Septic Smart” program.

  • To print the information on four letter pages, click here.
  • If you have access to a printer that uses 11x17 paper, use this version to print a one page version that can be folded in half.

And please check out our Septic Systems page in the Lake Library for other septic resources.

Shoreland Zoning Handbook

This handbook written bythe Maine DEP and last updated in 2008 is a great resources that simplifies and explains laws in the shoreland zone. Note that there are some laws not updated in this edition. Click here to view and/or print.


Protect Your Pond

This very popular handout explains the importance of planting vegetative buffers along the lake, lists popular choices for native plants that will grow along the lakeshore, and gives planting tips and additional resources. The information from the handout is also available on its own web page here.