Loons need our protection as much as lakes do.

We’ve partnered with Maine Audubon to recognize homeowners whose practices protect loon habitats. The Loon Smart Award of Merit is open to all persons whose properties have been certified or re-certified for the LakeSmart Award within 5 years of a Loon Smart Evaluation. Standards include both land use on the property as well as the practices and commitments of property owner(s).

LakeSmart Awardees who qualify are given the LoonSmart sticker showing a loon and baby chick.This sticker is added to the LakeSmart Award signs of these outstanding lake stewards.

Loon Smart Standards: 
  1. Landscaping: Direct most or all stormwater runoff to a vegetated buffer or other “best management practice.” 
  2. Shoreline vegetation buffer: Buffers should consist of three or more tiers of vegetation and be at least 10 feet wide. 
  3. Predators: Contain trash and other food sources (pet food, bird seed) so as to not attract predators.
  4. Boating: Get up-close views only with binoculars! Remain at a distance from loons, especially when they have young. Maintain headway speed within 200 feet of the shore, in accordance with Maine law. “Fish Lead-Free” and properly dispose of monofilament line, including any found in lake or onshore. 
  5. Spread the word: Share information about Loon Smart with three or more of your neighbors.

For more information about LoonSmart, please contact LakeSmart@Lakes.ME