Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Crew Member

Work with our YCC crew on lakefronts throughout the watershed to complete erosion control projects that help protect water quality. Deadline: Applications considered on a rolling basis until positions are filled

Courtesy Boat Inspector

CBIs are the “first line of defense” against harmful invasive aquatic plants and animals that hitchhike on boats and trailers, spreading from lake to lake. CBIs work at public boat launches checking boats and educating the public. Deadline: Applications considered on a rolling basis until positions are filled

Invasive Plant Surveyor

Conduct lake surveys by kayak, searching for invasive aquatic plants, with a primary focus on Androscoggin Lake in Wayne, which has invasive variable milfoil. Deadline: Applications considered on a rolling basis until positions are filled.

‚ÄčLand Steward 

Seeking a professional steward to oversee the care and use of conserved lands, both fee and conservation easements, within the 180-square mile Belgrade Lakes watershed in Central Maine and to work closely with the State of Maine as a key partner for stewardship of the Kennebec Highlands.

Erosion Control Project Coordinator

Lead the on-the-ground efforts of 7 Lakes’ Lake Protection, Watershed Management and Erosion Control programs. Responsibilities include managing, integrating and maximizing the impact of three erosion-control programs – Youth Conservation Corps (YCC), LakeSmart and Watershed 319 Grants.

Courtesy Boat Inspectors

Seeking outgoing personalities who are comfortable approaching and talking to members of the public as they inspect motorboats, paddle craft and trailers for aquatic hitchhikers (plants and animals) before launching into and after emerging from the lakes at public boat ramps. Click the following links for a job descriptionapplication and flyer.

Youth Conservation Corps Crew Leader 

The AWWA YCC Crew Leader is a key member of the team, working to protect water quality in the lakes and ponds of Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME. Through the installation of erosion control landscape features, the YCC reduces pollution from stormwater runoff and informs homeowners about how stormwater can affect water quality. The Crew Leader is responsible for directing a crew of high school-age crew members through the 8-week season.

Youth Conservation Corps Crew Member

AWWA is seeking applicants for our 2022 Youth Conservation Corps crew. Check out our Youth Conservation Corps page for general information on our YCC program. As a YCC crew member, you will be part of a team working to implement erosion control and water quality improvement measures. An additional and important goal of the YCC is to educate residents of the watersheds about good land management practices that can prevent erosion and pollution.  The work can be physically demanding as all work is done with hand tools.

Courtesy Boat Inspectors

Although not an intern position, LEA hires over 30 local Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) every summer season for area boat launches. This position is open to all, not just college students. CBIs are a line of defense against potential boat “travelers”, aquatic invasive plants and animals hitching a ride from the last water body to here. CBIs have flexible schedules at boat launches to check incoming and outgoing boats for plant hitchhikers, help to share the news with the public, and collectively stop some major hitchhikers from entering our waters. Please contact for more information or click here for an application.

We are seeking Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) for the 2023 summer season. With the majority of new aquatic plant infestations stemming from “hitchhiking” plant fragments carried on boats and trailers, the CBI Program is recognized by the State of Maine as the first line of defense against invasive aquatic species

We are looking for local high school and college students who are at least 16 years of age to become members of our 2023 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). The purpose of the YCC is to reduce sources of pollution through our Slow the Flow program, completing shoreline stabilization and erosion control projects at selected sites.

We are looking for candidates to conduct aquatic plant surveys and invasive aquatic plant remediation in the Cobbossee Watershed for the 2023 summer field season. Team members will collect and record data on invasive aquatic plants and assist with the removal process. The position includes opportunities to participate in trainings, and educational activities, work with GIS, and build experience with natural resource management.


Midcoast Conservancy is seeking applications for paid, part-time Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) for the 2021 summer season. Courtesy Boat Inspectors are the first line of defense against invasive aquatic species leaving or infesting Maine lakes by hitchhiking on boats, trailers, and other equipment. CBIs will work during weekends and holidays at boat launches on Damariscotta Lake, speaking with boaters and conducting inspections of watercraft as they are launched and removed from the water, ensuring they are not transporting any aquatic species.


Are you passionate about protecting and improving the water resources of Midcoast Maine? Midcoast Conservancy is seeking applications for two Youth Conservation Corps Crew Member positions. The Youth Conservation Corps program protects and improves water quality in the region by installing projects that reduce erosion and sources of polluted stormwater runoff using conservation practices. Projects will primarily take place in the Damariscotta Lake watershed and may include but are not limited to planting vegetation buffers, stabilizing shoreline, installing runoff diverters, and landscaping to soak up or divert runoff.