We are very thankful to all home and property owners who have committed their time and resources to successfully complete our LakeSmart process. Below, you’ll find a list of recipients for each year since LakeSmart has been implemented.

2022 LakeSmart Award List

Androscoggin Lake Linda Gatti-Fyler
Androscoggin Lake Janet Perkins & Vic Bernhards
Androscoggin Lake David Terrio
Androscoggin Lake Marion & Don Matson
Androscoggin Lake Carroll & Gerry Paradis
Androscoggin Lake Jim and Beth Breazeale
Crescent Lake Linda & Charlie Whitten
Damariscotta Lake TW Williamson
Damariscotta Lake Pete & Tina Streker
Damariscotta Lake Bill Evans
Damariscotta Lake Fred Hirsch
Damariscotta Lake Ron Nobles
Damariscotta Lake Ken Brodsky
David Pond Paul and Maryann Demers
David Pond Laurel and Danny Elder
East Pond Greg Garneau
East Pond Tim and Melissa Ahearn
East Pond Laurie Ann Cooper
East Pond Dave and Pam Hanlon
Five Kezar Ponds George and Margaret Chapman
Flying Pond Peter Goffin & Marsha Clark
Flying Pond Nancy and Todd Hemphill
Georges Pond Jeffrey and Jane Bunker
Georges Pond Sandra's Island, LLC
Georges Pond Matthew and Carmen Bean
Georges Pond Henry Krantz, Jr.
Great Pond Marge and Glen Larue
Great Pond Emily Van Eeghen & Richard Tory
Keoka Lake Charlie and Antoinette Tarbell
Keoka Lake  Alan and Patty Graves
Keoka Lake Wilma Johnson Realty Trust
Kezar Lake Mike Gildedgame
Kezar Lake Steve Gates
Kezar Lake Linda Wallace
Kezar Lake Kevin Rooney
Kezar Lake Moira Yip
Kezar Lake Pat and John Niejadlik
Long Pond Duncan Aspinwall
Long Pond William and Kathy Whitney, James and Joanne Whitney
Long Pond Eric and Martha Stone
Long Pond Christopher and Karen Malone
Long Pond Linda and Rick Mcelhinney
Long Pond Randy and Margaret Barnes
Long Pond Walter DeNino 
Long Pond Paul Skrzypek
Long Pond  Jeffrey Baron
McGrath Pond Mitchell Sammons
McGrath Pond Mary Denise & Gary Ferguson
McGrath Pond Brian and Amy Bernatchez
McGrath Pond  Mark and Diane Flannery
Megunticook River Geoffrey Horlick & Sally Sherwood
Messalonskee Lake / Snow Pond Jack and Jeanne Foster
Minnehonk Lake Lori Putnam
Moose Pond Mitch And Cindy Coddington 
Moose Pond Terri Koehler & Ed Nikonowicz
Moose Pond James M Dillon
Moose Pond Gail and Matt Hoffman
Moose Pond Alice and Gary Gold
Moose Pond Kenneth Sharples
Moose Pond Lee and Bill Bearse
Moose Pond Bill and Linda Monroe
Moose Pond Laurie Vance
Moose Pond Shawn Hagerty
North Pond Denise Whall-Strojwas
North Pond Milissa Gaspar
North Pond Steve Christo
Parker Pond Gerald Slavet
Parker Pond Doug and Nona Boyink
Parker Pond Mark and Susan Hagopian
Parker Pond Steve Cowperthwaite
Parker Pond Robert and Irma Miller
Pushaw Lake Ed and Dawn Conery
Salmon Lake Edie Keller & John Likins
Sheepscot Lake Brigid Reynolds 
Taylor Pond           Greg and Karin Carson          
Thompson Lake Betsy Peterson
Thompson Lake Bill and Martha Booth
Thompson Lake           Charlie and Chris Gingo
Watchic Lake Monica Mahoney
Webber Pond Heidi and Peter Robertson
Webber Pond Heidi and Peter Robertson
Webber Pond David Rumf
Whetstone Pond Greta Garniss
Woods Pond Andy Pond & Susie Albert
Woods Pond Robert & Carol Spiwak — Maureen Debrot
Woods Pond Dick and Etta May Bates
Worthley Pond Donna and Matt Stein

2021 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Pond           Aaron & Laura Bryant
Branch Lake Andy Dixon & Lena Michaud
Branch Lake Joeseph Nabozny 
Branch Lake Steve Osborn 
China Lake Bob O’Connor
China Lake Cynthia Hart
China Lake Susannah Jacob
Clemons Pond Ann Frizzell
Cold Stream Pond Paul and Tracy Kelley
Cold Stream Pond Peg and Ben Smith
Crescent Lake Ray Bersch & Carol Friend
Damariscotta Lake Aubree Heller
Damariscotta Lake Bob and Tracey Shea
Damariscotta Lake Carolyn and Peter Gabbe 
East Pond Mark Epstein
East Pond Norleen Fleming
East Pond Stuart and Alan Toben
Farrington Pond Carol Taylor 
Farrington Pond Hal Taylor
Flying Pond Sharon and Robert I’Anson
Georges Pond Terrence and Elaine Cousins
Great Pond Crystal Spring Camp Owners Association 
Great Pond Donald Kowalsky
Great Pond Jim Smith
Great Pond Meg Mccann
Great Pond Richard Nye
Hancock Pond Genie and Michael Silver
Highland Lake Dave and Lynn Welbourn
Horseshoe Pond Stephen Lewis
Horseshoe Pond Tom Hughes
Keoka Lake Kimberly Struck
Keoka Lake Patricia and Mark Lenassi
Keoka Lake Patricia and Mark Lenassi 
Kezar Lake Chris Brink
Kezar Lake David Durrenberger
Kezar Lake Ellen Smith
Kezar Lake George Feld
Kezar Lake Gilson Riecken & Emily Sano
Kezar Lake Richard and Shelley Pilsbury
Kezar Lake Robert Brown Snowdie Kilpatrick
Kezar Lake Susan Beem
Little Bennett Pond Maura Belaska
Little North Pond Pete Cogswell 
Long Pond David & Debbie Seed
Long Pond David and Nancy Infascelli
Long Pond Eleanor Watson & Allan Wing
Long Pond Judy Ingram
Long Pond Karen & Richard Weadick
Long Pond Mark & Cindy Fahey
Long Pond Pat & Mel Ulmer
Long Pond Robert & Joline Perkins
Long Pond Stephen and Jody Jones
Long Pond Tom & Debbie Hiney
Long Pond Travis Mills Foundation - Lakeside Cottage
Mattawamkeag Lake Daniel and De Nina Kinney
Megunticook Lake John & Susan Silverio
North Pond Brenda Hollands
North Pond Carol Murdock
North Pond Dave and Evonne Hinkley
North Pond Eric Brown
North Pond George Fowler 
North Pond Katie Meikle and Don Sassenberger 
North Pond Richard Rodgers
North Pond Sandy Lawrence
North Pond Sheile Leavitt
North Pond  Robert and Karyn Franks
Parker Pond Alexander and Joan Beal
Parker Pond Jane Salgals
Pleasant Lake  Chris and Sarah Milne
Pocasset Lake Roger & Paula Tamborlane 
Pushaw Lake The Jenness Family
Schoodic Lake Barbara and Neal Hamlin
Thompson Lake Bill Koerner
Thompson Lake David Behrens
Thompson Lake Harry and Vickie Carpenter 
Thompson Lake Kate Ryan
Thompson Lake Ken & Joelle Mendelson
Thompson Lake Kermit and Suzanne McCormack
Thompson Lake Richard and Linds Hardej
Thompson Lake  Lark and Anne Madden
Thompson Lake  Len and Mary Winsky
Twitchell Pond William and Kathleen C. Ross
Watchic Lake Donal Drew
Watchic Lake Martha Drew
Watchic Lake  Michael and Nancy Smyth
West Harbor Pond Rod McGarry
Woods Pond Brian and Karen Lemery
Worthley Pond David & Lisa Ellis

2020 LakeSmart Award List

Bennett Pond Mark & Kathy Melia
Branch Lake Chad Doebler 
Branch Lake Holly Williams
Branch Lake Janet Blair
Branch Lake Kevin & Ellen Whalen
Chemo Pond Kathy Trenholm
China Lake Kennebec Water District
China Lake Randal Downer & Judy Stone
China Lake Peter & Sandra Nelson
Cobbosseecontee Cynthia Parker
Cold Stream Pond Kathleen Baynes & Joel Deckler
Damariscotta Lake Cilla Horst
East Pond Dwight Ryan
East Pond Tammy & Kirby Knight
East Pond Birchcrest Association
East Pond Frank & Jacqueline Prelgovisk
Georges Pond Gordon Erikson, Jr. & family
Georges Pond Maurice S. Oliver
Georges Pond Matthew Horton & Susan McKay
Georges Pond Georges Pond, LLC (Danielle Hartley)
Georges Pond Blaisdell Shores, LLC (Danielle Hartley)
Georges Pond Hyla & Elizabeth Tracy
Georges Pond Dana Shaw
Georges Pond Dana Shaw
Georges Pond Leon & Sonja Hubbard
Georges Pond Joseph & Leona Bellai
Great Pond Michael Barrett
Great Pond Tim & Kathleen O'Brien
Great Pond Kay Ralston
Great Pond Adam & Michele Petryk 
Great Pond Camp Merryweather Realty Trust
Great Pond Robert and Vicki Johnson
Great Pond Henry & Sandra Colt
Highland Lake Jack & Deborah Daw Heffernan 
Keoka Lake Brenda Hambleton & Michael Bosowski
Keoka Lake Huffman
Keoka Lake  James Schellenger 
Long Pond Jonathan Wells
Long Pond Jeff Worthington & Pamela Mackill
Long Pond Brad & Meghan Ewers
McGrath Pond Salmon Lake Angel & Michael Drolet
North Pond Doug & Kim McCartney
Sabbathday Lake Barbara Noyes & Susan Chandronnait
Salmon Lake Neal Korostoff & Stacy Levy
Schoodic Lake Laurie & Chuck Soucik
Schoodic Lake Robin Raye
Sebec Lake Laurie Sheppard
Wilson Lake Wally Backus

2019 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Pond Brian & Helene Begley
Androscoggin Lake Patricia Koscinski
Androscoggin Lake Cynthia Giguere & Allan Unrein
Androscoggin Lake Nancy Hasenfus & Robert Anderson
Androscoggin Lake Sally Osberg
Androscoggin Lake Jim & Beth Breazeale
Androscoggin Lake Nye Family Camp Association
China Lake Jeanne Marquis & Carl Stenholm
China Lake Susan & Scott  Munroe
China Lake Jeanne McGann, Nancy Joseph, Easton Robert & Michelle
Clemons Pond Johanne Smith
Clemons Pond Novak Family Trust
Cold Stream Pond Gary Kanwisher
Cold Stream Pond Mark & Susan Levine
Cold Stream Pond Gary & Carol Spremullo 
Cold Stream Pond  Rose French
Coleman Pond Landis Gabel
Cross Lake Debbie Nichols
Cross Lake Sandra Brawders
Cross Lake Cricket Bouchard
Damariscotta Lake Pris Watson
Damariscotta Lake Jim Hartenstein
East Pond Jo-Anne & Mike Bosney
East Pond Jeff & Nancy Guite
East Pond Kathy Lovell
East Pond Alden's Camps Carter & Martha Minkel
East Pond camp Manitou Jon Deron
East Pond Jason Ham
East Pond Ed & Ann Ervin
East Pond David Leunig
East Pond Bill & Sonnie Robb
East Pond Rich & Carol Haver
East Pond Rich Haver
East Pond Rich Haver
East Pond Rich Haver
East Pond Jack Leunig
East Pond Bill & Sonnie Rob
East Pond Jeffry Feldman
East Pond Kevin Ladd & Carolyn Jenkins
East Pond Marie Cuezas
Eskutassis Barbara Chris Adams
Georges Pond Chris Gray & Rhonda Moore
Georges Pond Rocco fucetola
Georges Pond Carole Mimeault
Georges Pond Danielle & Christian Hartley
Georges Pond James Hanscom
Georges Pond  Keith Herklotz
Great Pond Chris & Matti Bradley
Great Pond Rob & Lisa Young
Great Pond Bart & Juliet Marchioni
Great Pond Peter McClure
Great Pond Dave & Susanna Nelson
Great Pond Nina Ferre-Cohen
Great Pond Windover Homeowners Association
Great Pond Bart & Donna Richardson
Great Pond Robert & Vicki Johnson
Kennebunk Pond Sal & Ann Gebbia
Kennebunk Pond Sue Carrington
Kennebunk Pond Larned Family Trust
Kennebunk Pond Richard & Viola Morse
Kennebunk Pond Carol & Art Straughn
Kennebunk Pond Jane Smith
Kennebunk Pond Ron & Linda Smith
Kennebunk Pond Deborah Lttlefield
Kennebunk Pond Heather Knapp
Kennebunk Pond Marna Peters
Kennebunk Pond Tim Cole Debi Rowe
Keoka Lake Tom Schaefer
Lake Winnecook Frederick & Suzanne Schlapp - 2nd property
Lake Winnecook  Steve & Sheila Krautkremer 
Lake Winnecook  Joanne & Jim Roy
Long Pond Sue & Charlie Squires
Long Pond Emma Hess & Jim Janis
Long Pond Jack Sutton
Long Pond Dassey & Jerry Hagen
Loon Lake Ainsley Bodman & Stephanie Allerman
Loon Lake Anthony Touchette & Brigitte Emmons-Touchette
Loon Lake John & Claudia Scholz
Lovejoy Pond Mark & Lorraine Bender
Lower Long Pond Richard McFarland & Jane McFarland
Lower Wilson Pond Jolene Staruch
Lower Wilson Pond Michael Levinsky
McGrath Pond Payton Helm
McWain Pond Bill & Julie Cook
McWain Pond Tom Tremblay
McWain Pond George Morse
Megunticook Lake Denise & John Milanese
Parker Pond Gary & Deborah Dubord
Parker Pond Murray Campbell
Parker Pond Nancy Henika
Parker Pond William & Pat Rosenberg
Parker Pond Vicki & Joe Kozak
Parker Pond Jennifer Knust
Pleasant Lke Jane & Bob Miller
Salmon Lake Jody Sataloff
Sebec Lake Susan Stevens
Stearns Pond Ruth Olsen
Three Mile Pond Mark McQuade & Maria Cruz
Three Mile Pond Scott Mosher
Three Mile Pond Mark Grenier
Three Mile pond Mark Grenier
Three Mile Pond Carol & Omer Thibodeaux
Three Mile Pond Valarie Johnson, Jess Smith & Edith McGrail
Three Mile Pond William & Marion Chasteen
Trickey Pond Bruce & Martina Witts
Upper Long Pond Carol Zerkel
Watchic Lake William Houlihan
Watchic Lake David & Elaine Bradbury
Watchic Lake Eileen Burnell
Wilson Lake Holly Windle
Wilson Lake Bryn & Michael Doiron
Woods Pond Katie & Jeff Holmes
Woods Pond Dennis & Jennifer Rigney-Carroll
Woods Pond Gary & Donna Schuyler
Worthley Pond Frank & Michele Bolduc
Worthley Pond Joan & Bruce Miller
Worthley Pond Hugh & Pam Rowley


2018 LakeSmart Award List

Androscoggin Lake Don & Susan Welsh
Androscoggin Lake Jean Gardner & Nelson Walker
Androscoggin Lake Karen & Sara Webster
China Lake Dennis & Paula Lemar
China Lake Margot Crosman
Clemons Pond David & Chris Dilley
Clemons Pond Richard & Cecilia Hunt
Clemons Pond  Bill & Sandy Tate
Clemons Pond Volker & Dot Toll
Crescent Lake Elden & Debby Lingwood
Crescent Lake Eldon & Debby Lingwood
Crescent Lake Jeanette Hafner
Crescent Lake John & Charlotte Calhoun
Crescent Lake Robert & Astrid Meggison
East Pond Dave Bown
East Pond Donna Griffin
East Pond Ed & Edie Cornwall
East Pond Sean Mullins
East Pond Webb Hersperger
Georges Pond Barbara & Edward Durkin
Georges Pond Joe Jordan
Georges Pond John & Ginger Eliasberg
Georges Pond Marvin M. Ellison
Georges Pond Molly O’Dea
Georges Pond Richard L. Hall
Georges Pond Tony & Yvette Detre
Georges Pond Walter & Marie Phero
Georges Pond  Greg Woo
Great Pond Beth Ackroyd
Great Pond Bob & Connie Kerner
Great Pond Joy & Charles Intriago
Great Pond Kate & Kevin Gurney
Great Pond Meg Phillips & Maria Bryan
Highland Lake Diane Pennessi & Lisa Willey
Highland Lake Larry & Ursula Flaherty 
Hobbs Pond David & Marjorie Miller
Long Lake Anne Wold
Long Pond Al & Elaine Barlow
Long Pond Brian Scanlan
Long Pond Eric & Wendy Berg
Long Pond Jeannie Russell
Long Pond Jenifer & Deirdre Boylan
Long Pond Pierrette Kelly
Long Pond Yasmine Cypel  & Jeff Leone
Long Pond Ray & Hillary Hepper
Long Pond Stuart Gerald
Long Pond Barrie & Lee Wilder
Long Pond Lucy Williams
Lower Long Pond Jeff & Linda Fay
Lower Mattawamkeag Lake Esther Harte
Lower Mattawamkeag Lake Jeff Wingate
McGrath Pond Donald & Nancy Mairs
McGrath Pond George Greenleaf
McGrath Pond Peter & Stephanie Mace
Megunticook Lake Bonnie A. Brescia Revocable Trust 2007
Megunticook Lake Bonnie Brescia
Megunticook Lake Camp Bishopswood
Moose Pond Allen & Leigh Hayes
Moose Pond Joe & Debi Ramrath 
Moose Pond Lori & David Thomae
Moose Pond William & Cynthia Dexter
Moose Pond William F. “Chip” & Rhonda H. Wendler
North Pond Pat Burdick
Pleasant Lake Dick Armstrong
Pleasant Lake John & Peter Byron
Quimby Pond Don Hall
Quimby Pond Jack & Jane Austin
Sabbathday Lake Thomas Shupp & Nancy Thomas
Salmon Lake John Reese-Roth
Stearns Pond Julie & Dan McQueen
Upper Long Pond Barbara Derech
Upper Long Pond Rob Young & Lisa Lawson Young
Watchic Lake Brian Strathman
Watchic Lake Robert & Terry Babcock 
Watchic Lake           Joanne Majke
Woods Pond Ann & Dan Lasman
Woods Pond Ethan & Angeline Lowell
Woods Pond Nancy & Al Purkis 
Worthley Pond Frank & Kathleen Briggs
Worthley Pond Ray & Bonnie Doucette
Worthley Pond Tom Whynot


2017 LakeSmart Award List

China Lake Chris & Dawn Castner
China Lake Davidson-Fromyer-Wood Families
China Lake The Wood Corp: Deirdre Tarpey
China Lake Jeanette Smith & Paul Rucha
China Lake Jim & Sherrie Hartigan
China Lake Justine Knizeski & Alan Hollander
China Lake Ronald & Sandra Kostron (two properties)
China Lake Scott Hoch
China Lake Scott & Katy McCormac
China Lake Sherry McGinnis
China Lake Walter Murch, Joel Eastman
Clemons Pond David E. Limbert
Clemons Pond David Howard & Rich Colicchio
Clemons Pond Doug & Judy Bradley
Clemons Pond Mike & Jean Smith
Clemons Pond Chris Shields & Nancy Serell
Clemons Pond Norma Limbert
Clemons Pond Pat Clifford & Pam Mullins
Clemons Pond Victor & Joanna Larish
Cold Stream Pond Alison West
Cold Stream Pond Chris Cowing
Cold Stream Pond Chris & Melissa Lane
Cold Stream Pond Clifford & Susie Winter
Cold Stream Pond David Smith
Cold Stream Pond Frank Taylor
Cold Stream Pond Frank McBride & Hilda Chow
Cold Stream Pond Sandy & Pat MacKenzie
Cold Stream Pond Tim & Kathy Folster
Crescent Lake Marlee Turner
Crescent Lake Shirley & John Hammon
Damariscotta Lake Bob & Judy Linker
Damariscotta Lake Ellie & John Day
Damariscotta Lake Joan & Bill Scollo
Damariscotta Lake Kari Callahan
Damariscotta Lake Marilyn White
Damariscotta Lake Sandy Buck
East Pond Bill & Jodie Kronenberg
East Pond George Ely
Echo Lake Amy & Bruce Merluzzi
Echo Lake Len Hirsh
Echo Lake Rachael Shearer
Georges River John & Serena Morrison
Great Pond Anne & Stephen Smith (two properties)
Great Pond Bill & Jayne Shontell
Great Pond Bobbi & Mike Harriman
Great Pond David & Janet Mazur
Great Pond Deborah & Robert Lynch
Great Pond Dick Carey
Great Pond Dick Carey
Great Pond Eliot & Philip Jacobs
Great Pond Jeri & Greg Held
Great Pond Jeromy & CeCe Colpitts
Great Pond Lauren Shaw & Paul Feinberg
Great Pond Monk & Kitty Terry
Great Pond Patricia & Vern Critchfield
Great Pond Tom & Nancy McCandlish
Highland Lake Jean & Bill Preis
Highland Lake Marge Zacharkow
Highland Lake Peter & June Folger
Highland Lake Robert & Sunny Feeley
Highland Lake Ronald Forman
Keyes Pond Linda Shane, & Deborah, J. Stephen & Richard Knight
Long Lake Tom & Cynthia G. Jones
Long Pond Betty Lou Mitchell
Long Pond David & Cindy Manke
Long Pond David & Judy Chesney
Long Pond Donna & Ralph Anderson
Long Pond Elizabeth & Michael Saxl
Long Pond Fred & Heather McDowell
Long Pond George & Kathy Atkinson
Long Pond George & Vicki Stevenson
Long Pond Jessica Arkel
Long Pond Jim & Susan Pier
Long Pond Joe Janco
Long Pond Kate Ervin
Long Pond Lawrence Liebling
Long Pond Linda Rathbun & Ray Cobean
Long Pond Marc Maxwell
Long Pond Marylyn & Carlton Pratt
Long Pond Peg & Lou Metzger
Long Pond Philip & Susan Cullen
Long Pond Rob & Amy Nevins
Long Pond Rudy Heintze & Nancy Whyte
Long Pond Steve & Debbie Gardner
Long Pond Will & Susan Kelleher
Lovejoy Pond Fred & Judy Degnan
Lower Wilson Pond Cheryl Brown, Lynda Sheltmire
Lower Wilson Pond Lynne Delong
McGrath Pond Dave & Vickie Dawson
Moose Pond Mark & Suzanne Patterson
Moosehead Lake Sandra Ryder
Moosehead Lake Sheila Brown
Peabody Pond Bob Mercier, Mercier-Doody Trust
Pemaquid Pond Pat Andres
Pleasant Lake Bob & Harriet MacGregor (two properties)
Pleasant Lake Deborah Shapiro (two properties)
Pleasant Lake Earl & Connie Sasser
Pleasant Lake Toosie Smith & Mike Hubbard
Porter Lake John & Kathy Fallon
Porter Lake Peter & Liz Hawkes
Pushaw Lake Lou & Dorli Cloutier
Pushaw Lake Sandy & Bob Duchesne
Sabbathday Lake Ellie Fellers
Sabbathday Lake John Sturgis
Sabbathday Lake Thomas & MaryBeth Johnson
Sebec Lake Connie & Chip Swett
Taylor Pond Susan & Woody Trask
Wilson Lake Ellen Shible
Woods Pond The Frances R. Stern Family Trust
Woods Pond Daniel & Lura Lentz
Woods Pond Dates & Lauren Fryberger
Woods Pond Heather & Jim Raftice
Woods Pond Jewish Federation of Greater Boston
Woods Pond Jill Haines
Woods Pond Joe Sczurko
Worthley Pond Andy & Diane Shorey

2016 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Pond Alan Meisel & Linda Serody
Abrams Pond Alan, Steven & Ronald Hershey
Abrams Pond Leon & Jan Clayton, Jane Clayton, Nancy Harrison
Alford Lake Pam Kenoyer (two properties)
China Lake Carl & Joyce Mercier
China Lake Emily & Russell Poulin, & Jeanette Poulin
China Lake Eric & Sandra Lind
China Lake Geoff & Patricia Hargadon
China Lake Julie Morris
China Lake Julie Morse
China Lake Marie & Tom Michauda
China Lake Mike Ledger
China Lake Mike & Linda Hendrikse
China Lake Ray Kelsey
China Lake Thomas & Marie Michaud
China Lake Walter Murch & Joel Eastman
Cold Stream Pond Gray Family
Cold Stream Pond Bob & Cathy Reymer
Cold Stream Pond Darold & Janice Wooley (two properties)
Cold Stream Pond Jean Claude Poulin
Cold Stream Pond Paul & Rose Mailman (two properties)
Cold Stream Pond Priscilla Angin
Cold Stream Pond Senator Susan Collins & Thomas Daffron
Crescent Lake Raymond & Carol Bersch
Crescent Lake Russell & Deborah Hutchinson
Crystal Lake Sharon Turner
Crystal Lake Toni & Len Weiner
East Pond Emma Glencross & Stuart Jablon
East Pond Pat & Tracy Cote
East Pond Richard & Joan Schmaltz
Echo Lake Joy & Jon Beekman
Great East Lake Jim & Pat Theisen
Great East Lake Andrew Coppola
Great Pond Betty & Pete Tilley
Great Pond Bridget Lepley
Great Pond Bruce Williams & Patrice Janssen
Great Pond Dan & Michele Cooper
Great Pond Dave & Kitty Bessey
Great Pond Don Petersen
Great Pond Jack & Delores Clarke
Great Pond Kate Diberardine
Great Pond Michelle Scott
Great Pond Pamela Doughty
Great Pond Phil Mulville
Great Pond Ruth & Jeff Estabrook
Gull Pond William & Kathy Brittain
Highland Lake David & Sue Crowell
Highland Lake Jean & Bill Preis
Highland Lake Marian Rabe
Highland Lake Peter Lowell
Howard Pond Anne Wheeler
Howard Pond Chris Scovel & Alex Golby
Howard Pond John & Pauline Leone
Howard Pond Marjorie Hanawalt
Howard Pond Peg & Bob Susbury
Howard Pond Rita & Karl Aaroma
Howard Pond Sarah & John Beliveau
Lake Christopher William & Kristin Martin
Lake Megunticook Bruce & Linda Lord
Lake Megunticook Owen & Meg Thomas
Long Pond Bob & Joan Belluce
Long Pond Bob & Rhonda Scherpf
Long Pond Elaine & Peter Schriever
Long Pond John McDonald
Long Pond Joyce & Charlie Carville
Long Pond Michelle & Larry Stafford
Long Pond Richard & Alexandra Cohn
Lovejoy Pond Leon Bresloff & Mary Bayer
Lovejoy Pond Wally Penrod
Lower Wilson Pond Betty Ryder
Megunticook River Dottie Hokkanen
Pemaquid Pond Dixie Esseltine
Pemaquid Pond Karen Johnson
Pemaquid River Rosario & Amy Vitanzo
Pleasant Lake Donald & Candace McKellar
Pleasant Lake Holly & Art LeBlanc
Pleasant Lake Mary Ardizzone & Sue Burgos
Quimby Pond Steve & Vickie Hunnewell
Quimby Pond Susan Singer & Ruth Gray
Salmon Lake Barbara Allen & Lennie Reich
Sandy River Ponds Nancy Hilliard
Sheepscot Pond Bill & Jean Roseman
Sheepscot Pond David & Lynda Pound
Sheepscot Pond Max & Carmen Weatherbie
Sheepscot Pond Roger & Carol Blomquist
Sheepscot Pond Ursula & Joe Burke
Torsey Pond Bea, Brett, Lain &Holly Coryell
Torsey Pond Frank Rowsome
Torsey Pond Harold & David Roberts
Torsey Pond John Kingsley
Washington Pond Afron Stenger
Washington Pond Ann & Jim Jenkins
Washington Pond Terry Bromfield
Watchic Lake Agnes & Richard Wiggin
Watchic Lake Deborah & Stephen Paul
Watchic Lake Julie Butler
Watchic Lake Melinda &Bob Dorr
Watchic Lake Michael Lynch
Watchic Lake Nick Roy
West Harbor Pond Bob & Lisa Conn
West Harbor Pond Jim & June Stevens
West Harbor Pond Merritt &Martha Blakeslee
West Harbor Pond Peter & Carol Stratton
Woods Pond Edward & Susan McGuiggan
Woods Pond Margot & Chuck Kingston
Woods Pond Sally Holm & Kerry Johnson
Woods Pond The Frances R. Stern Family Trust

2015 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Alan Hershey
Abrams Alan Meisel & Linda Serody
Alford Julie & Robert Pfeiffer
Biscay Kay & Pete Hannah
Biscay David Foster & Jean Morgan
China Irma Simon
China Martha & Rufus Jones
China Stephen & Margo Greene
China Janelle & Delbert Matheson
Christopher Harriet & Greg Langley
Cold Stream Mary Jayne & Robert Kolouch
Cold Stream Pat Cumming & Doug Marchio
Cold Stream Laurie & Jim Fenwood
Coldstream Sue & Joe Cyr
Cold Stream Ben & Peg Smith
Cold Sream Kathleen Baynes & Joel Deckler
Crescent Linda & Charles Whitten
Damariscotta Jane & Hebj Hartsuiker
Damariscotta Judy & Wilt Jones
Duck Puddle Mauria & Robert O’Brien
Echo Lea & Ken Stabinski
Echo Petrice Flood
Farrington Mike & Catie Olinski
Great Dale Beach & Rebecca Smith
Great Deeana Dorsey & Brad Waddell
Great Sandy & Mark Nuzum
Great Abigail Gorton & John biddiscomb
Great Chip Bessey
Great Forrest West
Great Cathy & Paul Desjardins
Great Kay Ralston
Great Bob & Irene Nelson
Great Dan & Carol Fitzgerald
Great Diane & Jack Schultz
Great Bill & Joan Witkin
Great Kay & Ernest Bleau
Great Beverly Buck
Great Gail & Frank Rizzo
Great Anke & Joseph Cornell
Great Mary & Chris Semrow
Great Lee Urban
Great Priscilla & Steve Adler
Great Dave & MaryJane Shiverick
Great Susan Pinciaro & Ed Bred
Gull Sue & Victor Borko
Gull Gary Beckman & Flora Pirquet
Howard Marie & Frank Morrison
Howard Pauline & John Leone
Howard Peg & Bob Susbury
Howard Jill & Jay Bartash
Keoka Diane & Jim Flynn
Lermond Pat Powell
Lermond Jim & Linda Annis
Little North Win & Winnie Swarr
Little North Fred Mosely & Patricia Ramsey
Long Susan Pinciaro & Ed Bres
Long S. Jay Mohr
Long Dave & Maryjane Shiverick
Long Forrest West
Lovejoy Sue & Joe Hart
Lovejoy Shane & Sharon Saunders
Locke Jan Bowes
McCurdy Ken & Lynn Sparkes
McCurdy Sue & Parker Renelt
 McGrath Robert & Susan Barton
McGrath Jay Weitecha
Megunticook Corallie Murray
Megunticook Hillary & Tom Jackson
Megunticook Sally & R. Chase Lasbury
Megunticook David Jones & Hilary Carr
Megunticook Susan & Rufus Williams
Megunticook Gretchen L. Mitchell
Megunticook Ed & Sylvia Libby
Muscongus Watler & Mary Voskian
North Jane & Jim Chandler
Paradise Keither & Ann Reilly
Pleasant Doris & Martin Pankratz
Pleasant Ed & Nany Doherty
Pleasant Anne Fritts
Sabbathday Sue & Tom Wilson
Sabbathday Diane & Don Grant
Sabbathday Julie & Christian Ricardi
Sabbathday Beth & Dave Steele
Sand Jan Bowes
Sand Dave & Liz Kuhlman
Sheepscot Eileen Kirby
Wassokeag jane & H. Ronald Snyder
Washington Patricia Medeika
Washington Mary & Roger Cady
Washington Victor Cohn
Washington Frank & Nancy Braun
Watchic David & Elaine Bradbury
Watchic Julie Butler
Watchic Bob & Melinda Dorr
Watchic Michael Lynch
Watchic Richard & Agnes Wiggin
Watchic Manfred Sternberg
Watchic Nick Roy
Wilson Fritz & Susan Onion
Winnecook Lori & Anni Roming
Winnecook Gail & Andy Reed
Winnecook Carole Lichtenbach & Bob Portner
Winnecook Jean Bourg & Melissa Bastien
Winnecook Andy Reed
Winnecook BJ Constable
Woods Mary Maxwell & Roy Lambert
Worthley Valery Wolstencroft
Worthley Patrick & Andrea Carey
Worthley Sharlaine & Warren MacFawn
Worthley Tina West
Worthley Louise & Jim Schutt

2014 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Lisbeth Matson
Biscay David & Martin Jaja
Biscay Robert & Galina Ficken
CLA Colin & Susan Campbell
CLA Rosemary & Jim McLean
CLA Nancy Willard
CLA Glen & Harriet Langley
Damariscotta Peter & Susan Fernald
Damariscotta Hugh Riddleberger & Louise Mcllhenny
Damariscotta Joy & Dean Levy
Damariscotta Cilla & Bob Horst
Damariscotta Carolyn & Peter Gabbe
David Joy Higgins & Kirstie Ludwig
David Mike Carlson & Mike Conodon
Duckpuddle Eric & Gail Thompson
East Sue Edgecomb & Randi Martin
East Tracy & Pat Cote
East Kathy & John Brandt
Echo Karen Day
Echo Christina & William Latham
Echo Carol & Dave Fuller
Echo Ron Giard & Ann Judd
Echo Holly & Chris Dumaine
Echo Deborah Stiles
Echo Laure & Dick McKeen
Echo Camp Vega, Linda Courtis
Echo Charlie & Charlene Elvin
Great Sue & John Salvato
Great Mary LaChapell
Great John & Kathryn Mathias
Great Carol Johnson
Great Brenda Manning
Great Kris Johnson
Great Tim & Karen Fisher
Great Rich Elias
Great Marjorie & Tom Tompkins
Great Thomas & Dianne Dowd
Great David Sprague
Gull Judy & Allen Wicken
Gull Fred & MaryAnn Dubay
Howard Frank Morrison
Howard Robert Renier & Lucy Lamson
Howard Bob & Peg Susbury
Howard John & Jane Payne
Howard MaryAnn & Bob Dragoon
Howard Alex Golby & Chris Scovel
Lermond Stephanie & Jim Turner
Lermond Lewis & Karen Porington
North Fred Mosely & Patricia RAmsey
North Sharon Wood
Quimby Marcia & Rick Baker
Quimby Dave Ragnone
Sand Carl & Joanna Burnham
Torsey Pat Williams
Torsey Penelope Reilly
Torsey Darcey Whitelemore
Torsey Jack & Shawn Painter
Torsey Merriann Boyd
Torsey Winifred & Alan Howie
Watchic LIsette & Eric Packer
Watchic Carl & Linda Martenson
Watchic Steve & Kim Lajoie
Whitney Wilson & Bruce Sylvia
Worthley Pat Brawn
Worthley Tim Placey
Worthley Jim & Wanda
Worthley Bruce & Sharon Paster
Worthley Charlie Day

2013 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Bob & Susan Berry
Abrams Clifford A Manchester
Biscay Judy Groves
Biscay Ernest Carroll
Coleman Whitney Oppersdorf
Crescent John Calhoun
Crescent Don & Eileen Thomas
Crescent Jeanette Hafner
Crescent Hugh & Caroline savage
East Chris Stevens
East Mike Grant
East Mark Parsons
East Gerry, Betsy, Allison, & Joan Tipper
East George Ely
Great Jeff Adler
Great Mike & Barbara Barrett
Great Jad & April Dieterie
Great John & Lynn Gibbs
Great Randy & Jayne Johnson
Great Edward Duchane, Jr.
Great Edward Duchane, Sr.
Sand Cyndi & Paul Stancioff
Long Charles & Deb Baeder
Long Chris & Andy Cook
Long Jean & Rom mulleneux
Long Suzanne & George Beauchamp
Long Michelle Fitzgerald
Long Bob & Lynn Moore
Long Jeff & Pam Worthington
Lovejoy Linda Kindig
Lovejoy Brian & Carolyn Donahue
Salmon Michael & Mary Ellen Stein
McGrath Marilyn Hall
McGrath Kim & Dave Hallee
Salmon/McGrath Sataloff/Narrows Preserve, Belgrade Lakes Association
Paradise Debby & Mike Kane
Wasookeag Donald & Sara-Jane Snyder
Watchic David & Eileen Burnell
Watchic Paul & Nancy McNulty
Watchic Wendi Rodriguiza & Catherine Watson
Watchic Clarke & Sharie Smith
Watchic Regina & David Rutter
Watchic Brenda & John Girardo
Worthley Shawn Shea
Worthley Wendell Russell
Worthley  Bill & Sharon Gates
Worthley Dennis Gallant
Worthely Mary Dubendris
Worthley Dave Davis
Worthley David & Mary Blouin
Worthley Gary Nash
Worthley Richard Waldron

2011 LakeSmart Award List

Abrams Alan Meisel & Linda Serody
Abrams Mike & Beverly Alteri
Abrams Johanna & Thomas Bazzolo
Abrams Scott & Charleen Bunker
Abrams Nancy & Roger Campbell
Abrams Katie Churchhill & Jerry Noble
Abrams Jere & Carol Connolly
Abrams Bill & Kathleen Cotter
Abrams Mark & Mary Hamlet
Abrams Steven, Alan, Ronal Hershey
Abrams Beth & David Ousley
Abrams J Pepe
Abrams Mark & Laura Swageur
Abrams Frank & Riberta Twitchell
Abrams A & G Kuhn
Beech Hill Richard & Deborah Placek
Beech Hill Larry & Jeannine Lavigne
Beech Hill Martin Rosenzweig
Beech Hill Lynette Beal
Biscay Richard & Sonia Clime
Biscay Mary Berger
Biscay Ken & Mollie Perley
China O’Connor Associates
Damariscotta Marilyn & Ron Speckmann
Damaricotta Pat & Jim Skilling
Damariscotta William & Virginia Hart
Damariscotta Dave & Judith Falk
Damariscotta Don & Ingrid Stanley
Damariscotta Bob & Poppy Mastrovita
Damariscotta David & Caroline Boring
Damariscotta Richard & Barbara Cooch
Damariscotta Henry & Anne Heywood
Damariscotta Bill & Susie Williamson
Damariscotta Carl & Sally Stillwell
Damariscotta MaryMargaret Halsey
Damariscotta Bill & Becki Thomas
David Don Andrews
David Pamela Hetherly & Jacqueline Fournier
David Carmen Anastase
David Deanna & Chet Day
David Sarah & Daniel Lafond
Duckpuddle Joe & Carol Cirigliano
East Richard & Liz Knight
East Tom & Donna Mickewich
East Joe & Cindy Reese
East George Pollock
Great Lauren Shaw & Paul Feinberg
Great Scott & Martha Finlay
Great Mary & Don Beane
Great Lynn & Phyllis Matson
Great Cary & Lynne Johnson
Great Michael & Bernadette Alford
Great Paul & Martha David
Great Liz & Fred Fontaine
Great Joanne & Michael Bernstein
Great Michele & Michael Ginieczki
Great Marty & Judy Lebson
Green Barbara Presson
Green Nancy Patterson
Keoka Priscilla Orr Treadwell
Keoka Richard Orr & Cynthia Courtney
Keoka Alan & Kathy Souza
Keoka Bill & Sara Stockwell
Keoka Rich & Craig Stockwell
Keoka John & June Caldwell
Keoka Wilma Johnson
Long Julia & David Baldwin
Long Jeffrey & Deb Baron
Long Susan & Charlie Grover
Long Dan & Pam Pelletier
Long Tom & Nancy Kelly
Long Nancy Whyte & Rudy Heintze
Long Bob & Naomi Behler
Long Alex & Kathi Wall
Long Hilton & Catherine Salhanick
Long George & Dianna Tobey
Long Russ Sabia
Locke Dermot & Mag Groome
Lovejoy Mary Bayer & Leon Bresloff
McGrath Joyce Bushey
Moosecookgemantic Joe & Sally May
Paradise Camp Shaw Trust
Porter Shepard & Dordeen Swain
Quimby Susy, Chris & Joan Ellis
Quimby Bill & Rayman Simpson
Quimby Tom & Tess Ward
Quimby Susan Motley
Quimby Laura & Bill Donnellan
Quimby Stephanie & Don Palmer
Quimby Dawn& John Towey
Quimby Frank Cover
Watchic Imad Khalidi
Watchic Steve & Karen Parker
Webber Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
Webber Joan Gregoire
Wilson Cindy Leib
Wilson Tom & Zetta Wojcik
Worthley Pam & Wayne Newton

2010 LakeSmart Award List

 Anasagunticook Carroll & Sandra Howes
Anasagunticook Armand & Barbara Rouleau
Beech Hill Gloria & Gary Wheaton
Beech Hill Ansel & Joan Boyce
Beech Hill Ann Patterson
Beech Hill Jim & Judy York
Beech Hill Robert & Marjorie Thibodeau
Beech Hill Tom & Patty Rolfson
Biscay John & Wendy Nellson
Brettuns Annie Soda
China Tim & Shannon Axelson
China Peter & Bunny Caldwell
China Jamie Pitney & Ginger Rogers
China Mary & John Benziger
China Peter & Michelle Jenny
China Richard Dillenbeck
China Al & Meg Lippert
China Robert & Dolly Batteese
Damariscotta Rowan & Willow Rowntree
Damariscotta Jon & Roger Panek
Damariscotta William & Mary Bausch
Damariscotta Dick & Jane Butterfield
Damariscotta Paul & Diana Stevens
Damariscotta Tom & Hanna Chace
David Mary Bayer & Leon Bresloff
David Jim & Linda Seidel
David Richard & Elizabeth Hicks
David Barbara Kinney
David  Deborah Cayer
David Joanna Gabel & Mary Griffith Lynch
David Lakeview estates
David James Patrick & Linda J. Stanton
East Sally Harwood
East Peter & Jane Redmond
East Dave & Beth Jackson
East Hal & Joan Jordan
East Dave Brown
East Al & Maureen Lantis
East Rob Levine & Val Schmitt
Farrington Tim & Pam Cyr
Great Laurie & Christopher Raleigh
Great Elaine Eadler & Tree Robbins
Great Dave & Izabella Hallett
Great Beth & Michael Nowak
Great Debbi Boucher & Susan Pullen
Great Nancy & William Gregory
Great Roberta Lafreniere & Larry Lyman
Great Tom & Ellen Sidar
Great Steve & Patricia Shaw
Green John & Madeline Schroder
 Green/Mirror John & Pat Abee
Green/Mirror Richard & Valerie Dawson
Keoka Chip & Elizabeth Mason
Keoka Bill & Sara Stockwell
Keoka Don Rung
Keoka Arne Klepliger
Koaka Andy Tabor
Keoka Tom Stockwell
Koaka Charlie Tarbell
Long David & Ruth Harris
Long Klaus, Ulmer, Sutner
Long Richard & Ilana Roman
Long Scott & Lauren Bolduc
Long Roswitha Talbot
Long John & Wendy Schlosser
Long Ann & Tren Dolbear
Long Stephen & Ann McNees
Pemaquid Jan & John Faulstitch
Pemaquid Chris & Diane Hayes
Pemaquid Tamara Stock & Robin Moody
Pemaquid Wally & Norma Benjamin
Pemaquid Louise & Peter Riley
Salmon Trudy Kaplan
Wassookeag Megan & Steve Elms
Webber Jerry & Linda Packard
Webber David Wilkins & Karen Otterstein
Worthley Joe & Carol Balducci
Worthley Dan & Karen Arsenault
Worthley Fran Bird
Worthley Bill Hine
Worthley Jan Hooley

2009 LakeSmart Award List

Biscay John & Ann Hart Otterfein
China Sheri Spaulding
China John Robie
China Ed & Blanche Bourdeau
China Bruce & Kathy Daniels
China Francis Murray
China Harold & Sueann Charles
China Keith & Claudine McNamara
China David Landry
China David & Janet Preston
Crescent Joe & Suzanne Bruno
Crescent Camp Agawam
Crescent Caroline & Appleton Mason
Crescent John & Shirley Hammon
Crescent Nathan & Sarah Kimble
Crescent Greg Naylor
Crescent Marlee Turner
Crescent Arther Halprin
Crescent Debbie Lingwood
Damariscotta Larry & Cathy Bennigson
Damariscotta Redmond & Leslie McNeill
Damariscotta Herb Luther
Damariscotta Marty & Betty Welt
East Rob & Diane Jones
East Mel & Kathy Croft
East Ron & Donna Dombrowski
East Betsy & Jerry Tipper
East Max & Susan Hillson
East Gordon & Diane Woods
East Dave & Jo Comeau
East Ted & Cindy Hesson
Farrington David & Penny Littell
Farrington` Hal & Carol Taylor
Farrington Ralph & Marilyn Tedesco
Great Dave & Sue Gay
Great Bill & Nancy Gregory
Great Bea & Barb Ford
Great Karen Norman
Great Jeanne Kreiger
Great Arthur & Jo Brown
Great Lynda & Rick Murray
Great Charles & Anne McCandlish
Green Bob Benson & Julie Cameron
Green June & Sonny Decoster
Long Doug & Janiq Cornrich
Long  Smith
Long Geo & Aretta Muir
Long Dave & Jene Williams
Long Doris & Jim Williams
Long Tracy Cove association
Mirror Gary & Nancy Vanpelt
Pemaquid Cynthia Hilton
Pemaquid Martha & Bob Naismith
Pemaquid Bill & Nancy Marshall
Pemaquid Ken & Deedee Heath
Pemaquid Jan & John Faulstich
Pemaquid Peter & Judy Lawrence
Porter Stanzel Family Trust
Porter Sherwood & Mary Elizabeth Anderson
Porter Millard S. Parlin
Sand Carol Anderson
Sand Reginald & Sylvia Richards
Webber Steve & Jo Laurich
Webber Bob Wheeler
Wilson Glen & Ruth Evans
Wilson Wayne Smith Jr.
Worthley Bernard & Judith Elfring

2008 LakeSmart Award List

Anasagunticook Donna & Terry Harvey
Anasagunticook Tom Harvey
Anasagunticook Barbara Conley
Anasagunticook Don & Donna Daigle
Anasagunticook Don & Jeannie Lavoie
Anasagunticook George & Diane Lavoie
Anasagunticook BJ & Carroll Feurguson
Anasagunticook Hartford Twon
Anasagunticook Harry Haylock
Anasagunticook Pete & Ann McCluskey
Anasagunticook Wayne & Hilda Schultz
Anasagunticook David & Marjory Kraske
Anasagunticook Jeff & Kathy Murry
Anasagunticook Ralph & Lee Neer
Anasagunticook Scott & Karen Craig
Anasagunticook Kathy & David Therieault
Anasagunticook Winifred Bickford
Cobboseecontee Allen & Joan Bildner
Cobboseecontee Justin Wharton
Cobboseecontee Kathy & Mark Smith
Cupsuptic Tony & Liz Schulte
Great Sandy Cobb
Great Alan Charles
Green Dennis & Julia Mallach
Locke Richard & Wanda Hoelz
Locke Derek Andrews & Karen Stuart
Locke Lisa & Dexter Swasey
Locke Judy Upshure
Long Chris & Karen Malone
Long Dave & Ruth Tashjian
Long Dave & Saskia Grody
Maranacook Paul & JoEllen Cottrell
Maranacook Howard & Brenda Lake
Mooselookmeguntic Juliet Goodfriend & Marc Moreau
Mooselookmeguntic Margaret & James Chapin
Sand Patty, Ronald & Sherry Ridley
Taylor Kay & Dana Little
Taylor Marc & Wendy Tardif
Wassookeag Gerald & Mary Herrick
Wassookeg David Soltis & Michael Ann Wells
Wassookeag Jack & Claire Downing
Wassookeag Richard & Martha Pfirman
Watchic Charlie & Antoinette Tarbell
Worthley David & Sherry Clement
Wilson James & Joanne Brooks
Wilson Dana & Beverly Eames
Wilson Lori & Dr. Craig Lewis
Wilson Daniel & Mary Buckley
Wilson Thomas Ben & Allison Saviello

2007 LakeSmart Award List

Anasagunticook Brenda Adams
Anasagunticook Irene & Ronald Garry
Anasagunticook Bill & Carolyn Gray
Anasagunticook Tim & Mary Ellen Kirwan`
Anasagunticook Mike & Sharon Poulin
Anasagunticook Rick & Diane Ray
Anasagunticook Terry & Regine Smith
Annabessacook Sue Neal
Branch Brian & Katherine Blair
Branch Walter & Barbara Johnsson
Cobboseecontee Vivian & David Dennett
Cobboseecontee Elaine Fuller
Cobboseecontee Ken & Mary Smith
Cobboseecontee Conrad & Lois Ayotte
Great Mary & Matt Friedman
Great Dave & Kim Malley
Great Frank Sterner
Great Chip & Laura Foye
Great Pam & Mark Heuberger, Camp Runoia
Great Fred & Barbara Zinckgraf
Green Rebecca Black
Green Kathy Smith
Green Sally & Joe LaVertu
Green Audry Tunny & Cara Groman
Green Katie Donovan
Green Scotty Folger
Green Joe & Carolyn Lebrun
Green Terri & Lee Taylor
Loone John & Carole Hunter
Long Richard & Sue Ellen Greenan
Long Marty Jacobs & Carol Thomas
Long Jean Trueblood
Long Larry & Debbie Onie
Long Martha Day
Long Peter & Betty Tilley
Mooselookmeguntic Sandy Beach Trust
Mooselookmeguntic Donald & Frances Sykes
Porter Richard & Glendalyn Hargreaves
Porter James Cahill
Porter Jean Ferrari
Porter Suzel Listewnik
Porter Alden & Anne Wattles
Puffers Claude & Roselyn Reitenaner
Puffers Jim Sharburne
Puffers Jim King & Beth Lageisse
Rangeley Baruch & Jean Blumberg
Taylor Jim Whipple
Taylor Larry & Bonnie Faiman
Taylor Woody & Susan Trask
Taylor Tim Priestly
Wassookeag Alexandra & Sandy Graham
Wassookeag Norma J. Goupih
Wassookeag John & Laura Peakes
Wassookeag John & Rita Fahey
Watchic David & Claire Drew
Watchic Jack & Patty Guenthner
Watchic David & Elaine Bradbury
Watchic John & Priscilla Kotyk
Watchic John & Linda Pace
Wilson Betty & Stephen Harris
Wilson Jeff Mitchell & Laura Woodbury

2006 LakeSmart Award List

Anasagunticook Mary & Biff Atwater
Anasagunticook Margaret & John Taylor
Anasagunticook Jean & Dick Williams
Anasagunticook Judy & Tom Hamilton
Anasagunticook Terry & Gary Hinkley
Annabessacook Ken & Bev Merrill
Cobboseecontee Robin & Angela Salvatore
Cobboseecontee Judy Goldberg
Cobboseecontee Dan & Priscilla Stevens
Cobboseecontee H. Allen & Dianne Ryan
Cobboseecontee Jeff Timm
Cobboseecontee Bob & Beth Brauer
Cobboseecontee Jay & Terry Snider
Cupsuptic Leonard Bachman
Dodge David & Sara James
Dodge Bob & Patty Silvia
Great Pat Donahue
Great Bill & Joan Witkin
Green The VanMarcke Family
Green Penny & Michael Weinstein
Long Peter & Gail May
Long Winston Thomas
Long Frank & Pamela Lepera
Long Cindy MacColl
Pleasant Peter & Marygrace Barber
Maranacook James & Anne Schmidt
Mooselookmeguntic David & Allison Sheffield
Mooselookmeguntic Bob & Sharon McClatchey
Mooselookmeguntic Dean & Norrine Nixon
Nokomis Dana Hartford
Rangeley Joan & Glenn Yankee
Sand The Larrabee Family
Thompson Ethel & Craig Turner
Three Mile Bob & Susan Moore
Wassookeag Kay & Jack Emory
Wassookeag Kathy & Kevin Graham
West Pamela Somers
Wilson Dennis & Judy Landry
Wilson Tom & Paulette Cahn
Wilson Jim & Jean Doughty
Wilson Dan & Linda Seabold
Wilson Dennis & Linda Taylor
Wilson Melanie & Bob Pullo

2005 LakeSmart Award List

Anasagunticook Susan Johnsen & Buzz Croston
Anasagunticook Daryl & Leslie Boness
Anasagunticook Polly & Ray Bussiere
Anasagunticook Phyllis & Jim Parisi
Anasagunticook Dick Powers
Branch Jack Holmes
Branch Susan & Paul Rylander
Branch Lausier Family
Clearwater Lynn & Bob Werner
Great Roger & Maggie Shannon
Great Polly Parkhill Beatie
Great Jane & Bret Eberle
Great Marge Humphreys
Great Lea & Jose Ramirez
Great Jackie Tanner
Green Bob & Cindy Dunlap
Little Sebago Mary Laughlin
Little Wilson Dale & Philomena Brown
Locke Ellie Hopkins
Long Blaine & Nathalie Horrocks
Long Cindy & Mark Fahey
Long Joel & Barbara Alpert
Long Judy Ingram
Long Bob & Cindy Chesmore
Long Sumner & Jane Cohen
Long Eleanor Watson & Alan Wing
Long Peter & Becky Alter
Long Maureen Maslak
Maranacook Rick & Cyndie Smart
Parker Dean & Jeannine Wells
Parker Afton & Alan Gove
Parker Gerald & Heidi Hartz
Porter Lucia & Peter Swallow
Wassookeag Bob & Retha Crawford
Watchic John Blake
Watchic Pat Lines
Watchic Steve & Pat Center
Watchic Russel & Sarah Gray
Watchic Judith & Howard Harris
West Carl Pehesson & Sandy Agrafiotis
Wilson Betty & Colley Shibles
Wilson Susan & Thomas Withrow
Wilson Walter & Paula Hammerick
Wilson John & Linda McGowan

2004 LakeSmart Award List

Anasagunticook John & Beth Convey
Anasagunticook Tom & Judy Hamilton
Anasagunticook Michael & Terri Swanick
Anasagunticook Dave & Sue Bowen
Anasagunticook Bill & Virginia Van Hee
Anasagunticook Joe & Donna Cloonan
Anasagunticook Ronald & Rita Melendy
Branch Ralph & Lorna Whedon
Branch Paul Wight
Branch Mark Dunbar
Branch Terry Holland
Branch Dave & Kim Skaves
Branch Bill Chaydeane
Branch Phil & Brenda Hopkins
Branch Andy & Anne Britt
Five Kezar Ron & Carol Gestwicki
Green Christy Stout
Lovejoy Richard Jennings
Mousam Pat Baldwin
Sebago Barbara & John Dunham
Sebasticook Larry & Deborah Ferrell
Square Art House
Square Dave & Dee Field
Square Jeanette Freeman
Sterns Shawn Shea
Taylor Hank & Anne Goorhuis
Wassookeag Peggy Kaufman & Francis Lee
Watchic Ben & Judy Tripp
Wilson Bart & Jean MacDonald
Wilson Anthony & Carolyn McLaughlin
Wilson Nancy Prince
Wilson Wynn & Sandra Muller
Wilson Mary Ryan
Wilson Keith & Katharine Shoaps

2003 LakeSmart Award List

Branch David & Joyce Hardy
Branch Donald & Ann Hayes
Sebasticook Darcy Parlee & Wendy Harpool
Taylor Michael Dixon & Carmen Dufresne
Taylor Jack & Pat Zinke