51 Years of Fighting for Maine Lakes

Active Advocacy & Policy Issues

Maine Lakes is a collaborative leader for lake-friendly policy and advocacy in the state. We work with other lake conservation organizations, businesses, state agencies, local municipalities and legislators to craft effective bills that increase protection, funding, and access to Maine’s lakes. We rely on our grassroots activists to share their priority concerns, write letters to committees, and make phone calls to local officials. One-on-one interactions with decision-makers are the key to getting lake- and climate-friendly policies firmly in place.

The second session of the 130th legislature gets underway in January, 2022. Please check back as we'll update this page with additional information frequently.

Make your voice heard and make a difference. There are many ways to help. You can present testimony via Zoom at a public hearing or submit written testimony to a committee here. You can spread the word to neighbors and friends by email and on social media. The more people who speak on behalf of Maine’s lakes, the better. Sign up for our legislative alerts for timely emails with bill and hearing information.

Want to join us? Make your voice heard and make a difference. There are many ways to Take Action and help to keep your lake, and all Maine lakes, pristine for generations to come.

laws that protect maine lakes

The links below share the laws that protect Maine’s lakes: