We are a non-profit, charitable membership organization, and continue to be the clear voice for protection of our most precious freshwater resources and wildlife habitat. We work to support everyone who values and benefits from clean water and healthy lakes in Maine, including lake residents, lake associations, surrounding communities, vacationers and the next generation of lake stewards.

Congrats to Ginger Eliasberg, our latest lake hero!

Ginger has run with LakeSmart and never looked back in the more than 3 years she joined the board of George's Pond Association. Read more about her accomplishements and learn about our other Lake Heroes HERE.

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We have pdf versions of our newsletters dating back to 2017 archived on our Newsletter page HERE, as well as our most current issue. And if you would like to submit an article for our next edition, please email us at info@lakes.me.

the maggie shannon fund for lake education

Maine Lakes is excited to announce the launch of the Maggie Shannon Fund for Lake Education. The Fund celebrates Maggie’s long career in lake con-servation by creating a long-term source of income for positions and projects focused on furthering her passion of education. Already at $25,000, the fund will continue to grow in the years to come. Please join us as a founding donor by clicking HERE (type "The Maggie Fund" in the notes field). Or to learn more, click HERE.

Lake Protection Stories: What Motivates You?


Jason Mitchell, Penobscot Nation

Thanks to Jason Mitchell, Water Resources Field Coordinator for the Penobscot Nation, for sharing his passion for water quality protection with us. We hope this video inspires the same passion in you!



Cheryl & Kirk St. Peter, Cross Lake

Thanks to Cheryl and Kirk St. Peter, wonderful lake protectors from Aroostook County, for sharing their lake, their passion, and their family with us.


Peter Kallin, Long Pond

Thanks to long-time lake champion and former Maine Lakes board member Peter Kallin for his perspective on why he has been so committed to lake protection for so many years.Please take a look and share the video with friends, family and neighbors. We hope it inspires you and others to take action for lake protection! FMI, visit LakeSmart.org. Other videos will be posted here in the future, or to see them as they are released, like and visit us on Facebook.


This free voluntary, non-regulatory program helps lakefront homeowners maintain lake-friendly landscapes that reduce pollution and runoff. Learn how to get LakeSmart active on your lake.


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We hosted a wonderful talk by Jim Paruk, Professor of Biology at St. Joseph's College, on Dec. 9 about his newly published book, Loon Lessons: Uncommon Encounters with the Greath Northern Diver, that covers the past 28 years he studied the common loon across North America. If you missed, you can find a recording here.

Statement on racism and equality

This is a pivotal time in our culture, when organizations well outside the realm of political and social action must step up and speak to racism. Please read our full Statement on Racism and Equality.


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