Identify yourself as a constituent.

Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Be specific about the reason for writing.

Identify the specific bill you are writing about and your position (support or oppose).

Be focused.

Address one issue per letter, and if possible, keep the letter to one page. Data, research, or graphics can be helpful as long as they are directly relevant to your position.

Be personal.

Explain how the legislation you’re writing about affects you, your family, your friends, your business or community.

Don’t exaggerate.

Do not make arguments that cannot be substantiated or you will lose your credibility.

Be clear.

Let the legislator know what action you’d like them to take. If you want them to support a specific bill, say so. If you want them to vote against a certain bill, make that clear. If you’d like your legislator to follow-up with you, let them know.

Hand write your note.

Sending hand-written notes or typed letters is generally more effective than sending an email.

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