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Permits and Rules

permit by rule (PBR) Information

A PBR, or "Permit by Rule", gives approval for 18 shoreline activities that have limited impact and low risk of harm to lakes. These activities include such things as shoreline stabilization and movement of rocks or vegetation along a shoreline. The Maine DEP regularly reviews this list so check their website for updates. Applications must be filed prior to beginning work on the activity and agree to follow prescribed standards. The current application fee is $288, though permit fees may be waived for certain activities. Check with your local DEP office for more information. 

DEP Regional Offices

Augusta, Main Office & Central Maine Regional Office. Phone:  (207) 287-7688

Bangor, Eastern Maine Regional Office. Phone: (207) 941-4570

Portland, Southern Maine Regional Office. Phone: (207) 822-6300

Presque Isle, Northern Maine Regional Office. Phone: (207) 764-0477

To find out which location is your regional office, use the DEP office finder.