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Eric Goodwin

Eric Goodwin

Eric grew up on Bear Pond in North Turner, and calls Flagstaff Lake his home lake today. After loving lakes through his youth, Eric took his first secchi disk reading at age 18 with the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program at Bear Pond. Through a community-based non-profit he worked with volunteers to remove over 30,000 lbs of garbage from waterways in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and West Virginia, finding many interesting items along the way.

Eric has started and consulted with multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations in Maine and Massachusetts related to the environment, tourism, and the arts. He served as a Conservation Commissioner, and on the Trails Committee in Marshfield Mass., and is a white water rafting guide and ski patroller in Maine. His background in human rights work and public health, with a degree in business, help him bring a unique perspective on fiduciary duties to the organizations he works with.

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