maine lake talk

slack how to

Slack is a messaging platform used by many businesses and non-profits. If you’re not familiar with Slack, here is a quick online tutorial video to Slack’s main features. And here is a getting started guide

For our purposes, we are centering our Slack channels around major topics of focus for stewards of Maine lakes and waterways. Here are the most common ones: 

  • #maine-lake-talk-all
  • #invasive-plants
  • #loons
  • #lakesmart
  • #water-quality
  • #watershed-preservation
  • #roads-protection

Feel free to join just one or two that correspond to topics of preservation you’re focused on or more of them if you’re curious. Everyone is automatically included in #maine-lake-talk-all (this messages everyone, so please be thoughtful about how you use it). The former could be good for messages of universal appeal (e.g., perhaps a state-wide initiative or an infestation that’s spreading). 

You can also send a direct message (DM) to anyone who is part of this Slack community.

We’ll be hosting two info sessions to learn how to use Slack (Maine Lakes Slack for Newbies) on June 10th at noon ET and June 24th at 9am ET (you’ll only need one). Registration to these events will open soon.

To join Maine Lake Talk, click here.